The Hilarious Marty Laquidara and My One Degree of Chunky B Debut

Here it is y’all.  Marty and his rants are hilarious. My 5 minute bit/interview starts at 23:14, but the whole show is worth watching:  ChunkyB.TV

Beach Bunny Booty Tech

  Side note:  The photos above were shot by one of my favorite humans, Jacque Manaugh, at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX.  It was 40 degrees outside so like a true professional… Continue reading

Your New Favorite Website: Geek Nation

HEYO!  Good morning from Sunny Venice, CA on this beautiful Monday morning.  I hope you are having a great start to a holiday week. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, have you been thinking… Continue reading

When I Think About You, I Touch Myself?

  Back in the day on the mean streets of Dallas, Texas I was raised on a heavy dose of MTV.  Remember the good ol days when MTV played music?  Yeah, me too.… Continue reading


Just wanted to bring you breaking news from the Venice Pier.  The surf is flat and there are lots of sharks.  Everyone should just go to work and school today and skip the… Continue reading

One Degree Of Chunky B Ninja

Good morning from the Garage of Love!  We shot a killer podcast last night and drank too much thanks to our amazing beer sponsor Venice Duck Brewery. We had one of the funniest… Continue reading

I Have A Face For Radio!

Guess what??!! Chicken butt! Just kidding! Tonight I’m starting my 5 minute segment on One Degree of Chunky B!!! YAAASSSS.  I think there is a 1-2 week turnaround time between taping and when… Continue reading

Penaynay’s Party Wagon!

Heyo!  It’s official.  All of my paperwork went through and I am now the world’s best uber driver. I am calling my uber experience Penaynay’s party wagon.  I want people to feel like… Continue reading

A-Team, NO TEAM!!!

HEYO!  Have I ever told you about A-team? Lemme tell you a lil story about A-team.  Twas August 2008.  I found myself living in my ma’s apt (in a real bed because I… Continue reading

The Greatest Love Story?

Gather ’round kids and let me tell you ’bout one of my favorite bands, Little Hurricane.  They hail from San Dee-ah-go and their sound has been dubbed “Dirty Blues” which I love. According… Continue reading

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