Where in the World is…

Did anyone else out there play the computer game, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”  Maybe it was just me.  I admit that I am a total nerd and love games.  Especially ones where I get to follow clues to hunt a criminal.  

I figured we could play Where in the World is Penny Lane.  Anyone in?  If not, I will play it for my own amusement.

Thanks to a dear friend with frequent flier miles and a good heart, I am now somewhere on the mainland.  It felt like it was time to leave Hawaii, so I did.  I will be here for about 6 weeks until I take off for another country that is undecided at the moment.

Here are your clues:

I am on the mainland.

The state flag is:








Here is a picture from this morning:

day 13 of 365 day live your dreams challenge

Can anyone guess where I am?