Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

If you step on the scale and weigh over 350lbs you eat free! I guess I’d rather just not weigh 3 bills and pay for my food.

I don’t know what represents big to me.  So here are some Vegas pics.  Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!

Did I mention that the house where I stayed in Las Vegas was built by the guy who originally owned  the Sahara?  He lived there for years.  I was sitting in the same living room where Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis and other bad asses used to party.  I have a feeling if I was alive back then, I would’ve partied with the rat pack. My buddy showed me the hidden safe where the guy hid all of the money from his casino.  It was a pretty clever place.  Enough people tried to rob him, but they never found the safe.  That guy was no joke.  

I’m not a big fan of the typical Vegas strip, but there is some interesting gangster history if you are into that.  Have you ever seen Casino or Goodfellas?  I find old school Vegas interesting.  There is the car culture, the girls who dress like pinup girls from the sixties.  There is a lot more to Vegas than gambling, prostitutes and drive thru wedding chapels.