Okay people, I made it through a Thanksgiving with my future baby daddy’s family without cussing anyone out or slapping anyone.  I’m not normally a violent or mean person, but when you mix booze and future in laws, things can get rowdy.

Anyhoo, its only 26 DAYS until the S.S. Coachella booze cruise!!! Ahhh!  It can’t get here fast enough.  I will be on a boat with James Murphy for 4 days.  He is going to be my new best friend whether he likes it or not.  For some reason I have this picture in my head of me accosting him with a hug and not letting go while he looks a little frightened and confused.

Boats and Hoes, Boats and Hoes, I got to have me more boats and hoes.  I still have a few things I have not prepared:

  1. Buy personalized gold chain with my name on it.
  2. White Miami Vice type outfit for the “boats and hoes” video
  3. Memorize “boats and hoes lyrics”
  4. Do the Brazil Butt Lift workout (So I bought it 2 months ago and have only done 10 minutes of one workout one time.  Oops!)

After the booze cruise, I will only have a few weeks before I leave for Brazil with my man.  The list of stuff to handle before 4 months in Brazil is a little more extensive.  In a little over 8 weeks I will be living it up in South America with my favorite person.  Does life get any better than this?

As of now, we are planning on living in Rio de Janiero most of the time and traveling from there.

Prep for Brazil:

  1. Find a decent apartment in a nice area in Rio (maybe Ipanema?)
  2. Get a Visa
  3. Figure out the surf spots and what the seasons are for the different spots
  4. Find a camping tour of the Amazon with local guides
  5. Learn Portuguese (I have Rosetta stone but it’s pretty boring.  Does anyone know of any Brazilian soap operas I can watch online to learn the language?)
  6. Figure out the climate of the different destinations in Brazil so it will be warm wherever I go.