A Message of Love

Normally I babble about seemingly trivial events or insights, but I can’t stop watching the news coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Connecticut.  They are still sorting out the details but so far at least 25 are dead and 18 are children.  

This tragedy brings to mind the shooting in Colorado at movie theater showing “the Dark Knight Rises” earlier this year and also the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.

These shootings are always horrifying and devastating and what makes this even more shocking is the age of many of the victims.  Imagine going to school at the age of 5 and never coming home.  I’m not a parent yet, but I can’t imagine dropping my young child off at school on a “normal” day and then getting a call that he or she was gunned down in kindergarten class.

This may just be the hippy dippy side of me, but all I can think of is what kind of person is capable of this?  Was he mentally insane?  Was he an antisocial sociopath with no friends that would probably not feel any remorse?  Did he want revenge?  I’m sure we will learn more in the days to come about what really happened and the shooter and the suspected motives behind this tragedy.

George Takei posted this on Facebook a few minutes ago:

This will be my only post today. We are shocked and horrified by the news coming out of Connecticut. When senseless violence takes the most innocent of lives, our grief is all the deeper.

Many will seek to turn their outrage to action. But now is not the time for politics. Let us instead reflect upon what was lost today, and first grieve together for the victims, many of whom were just children.

My heart goes out to that community and anyone who has lost a loved one to random acts of violence.

This is a message to tell the people you care about that you love them. Give hugs. Smile at strangers.  Hold the door for someone.  Find reasons to be happy.  You never know when you or the people you love will take your last breath.  Isn’t it much more gratifying to spread love and kindness than to spew hate and anger?

There is still so much good and love in the world.  Let’s be part of the good and spread random acts of kindness.

Kindness kitten