Ciao 2012, Oi 2013

HappinessThis year got off to a rocky start, but I think of 2012 as the year that proves that dreams do come true and that you can come back from anything.  At the beginning of the year I was miserable, called off a wedding and felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  6 months later, I was alone in Hawaii writing and focussing on myself.

**side note: I just can’t take anyone on a segway seriously, especially security guards and law enforcement.

Going to Hawaii and living out of my car most of the time was awesome and awful at the same time.  It definitely helps me appreciate the little things, like a comfortable bed and a warm bath.

Happy Slutty Halloween

Since the summer, I have started and maintained my blog ( which became  The practice of writing weekly has been pretty awesome.  For a while, I was posting everyday but ultimately decided to post quality not quantity.

In October, I found myself living with my boyfriend of 2 weeks in San Diego.  I felt a little crazy, but I’d rather jump in head first and get my heart broken than not go for it.  It just felt right (and still does).

At the end of October, I stopped working so I could focus on writing after my boyfriend made it clear he wanted to support and encouraging my desire to be a writer.  This was the point where it really started feeling like a dream. You mean, there is someone out there who wants to go out with me and not pressure me to get a “real job?!”

2012 is also a reminder not to settle.  If I had married my ex-fiance, I would either be married to the wrong man and miserable, or I would be divorced by now and probably would not know my amazing partner in crime. I think we make our own luck and play a hand in destiny, but I think life has a way of putting things to in your path. While we aren’t perfect (shocking, I know), we are perfect for each other.  He is such a kind hearted person and we make a pretty good team.  Well, more that pretty good–AWESOME!

Looking back at things I am grateful for in 2012:

  1. My sister moving to San Diego
  2. Meeting my boyfriend
  3. My time alone in Hawaii
  4. Taking Care of Myself
  5. Writing my blog
  6. My friends
  7. My family
  8. My Health
  9. S.S. Coachella cruise

ss coachella

Lessons learned:

  1. Be completely honest about everything even if it is difficult at the time (it can save you a lot of headaches later).
  2. Don’t settle.
  3. Take the time to do what makes you happy.
  4. While I value the opinions and ideas of others, sometimes the voice I really need to listen to is my own.
  5. The people who matter will still love you no matter how crazy they think your actions are.
  6. Enjoy the present.

Looking forward to 2013

There is a lot of excitement in 2013 including a snowboarding trip to Mammoth in January and traveling around Brazil for a few months.

I love New Year’s resolutions even though I, like most people, break them by February.  I guess I love resolutions anytime like my August resolution to write every day.  For me it’s more about creating habits to support how I want to live my life.

So for 2013 I have some things I want to work on:

  1. Become a GOOD healthy cook
  2. Learn Portuguese
  3. Exercise everyday (even if it is only for 20 minutes)
  4. Write 50,000+words a month (2500/day 5 days a week)
  5. Write 1 book and 2 screenplays
  6. Go to more concerts/movies/cultural activities

So the theme of 2012 for me is: You can come back from anything.  

Going into the new year, my motto (borrowed from my boyfriend) is: There is always a way.

What are your resolutions?