Thanks, Debbie Downer!

debbie_downer_1We all know them.  No matter what you say or how easy or good life is, they find something negative to point out.  Gotta love the Debbie Downer!

Here are my new favorite Debbie Downer comments about our upcoming trip:  

  1. “Oh I hear it’s really dangerous down there.”  
  2. “You should only fly into the tourist areas or you will get killed and raped.”
  3. “Are you suicidal?  Are you going armed?”

What cracks me up is that all of these comments came from people who have never traveled to these countries (except maybe touristy areas in Mexico).  I wish I had come up with the idea to backpack through Latin America, but a girl that surfs the same spot where I used to live in Encinitas did a similar trip last year for a couple of months.  She started by herself and her boyfriend met up with her later.  

Don’t get me wrong, most people are supportive, think it’s awesome and are even a little envious.  I guess I would rather hear words of encouragement or none at all.  Yes, I know there are risks involved with traveling period.  We are looking up state advisories and keeping up with any major news in countries we are visiting so we are informed.

Like my awesome boyfriend said, “You are more likely to die in a car wreck than get murdered.  You risk your life everyday getting in a car.  Does that mean you are never going to drive again?”  (For most people in places like America, getting in a car everyday is a necessity.)

My other favorite thing my man said about the negative comments was, “I feel like people are telling us that the world is flat and we are about to fall off the edge if we go south of the U.S. border.”

I have talked to friends and acquaintances who have visited several of the countries that are on our itinerary (even Colombia) and they have nothing but wonderful things to say.  I did promise my dad that we wouldn’t go to Venezuela.  His exact words were, “Just don’t go to Venezuela.  The president’s an ass wipe.”  So this trip we are skipping Venezuela.

In trying not to be an idiot American, I am shockingly well behaved most of the time when I travel to other countries.  I drink a lot less (my liver will be a lot happier), and pay much more attention to my surroundings.

The important people in my life know me and how often I heed the warnings of most people.  I’d rather die really living my life than live in fear and not really live at all.

In my mind, this is going to be the best trip ever!  There is a part of me that believes you get what you expect and what you put out there.  We are going to meet awesome people, become fluent in Spanish, surf warm water uncrowded waves until our arms fall off and I’ll be inspired to write my own version of “On the Road.”

Best.  Trip.  Ever.