First City Festival

Our write up on The First City Music Festival complete with unacceptable pics and videos.

Waves and Ruins

Last weekend we trekked to the First City Festival in Monterrey, CA.  The Lineup was pretty awesome:

First City Festival Lineup

Luckily, we treated ourselves to VIP tickets so we didn’t have to throw elbows to get a spot or wait in long beer lines.


Capital Cities Dance Party:  The best show of the weekend!!

Passion Pit

A Creepy Jack Sparrow Look-a-Like doing magic tricks

Unlimited Carnie Rides.

Epic Fails:

Modest Mouse:  They headlined the main stage on Sunday night and the sound was heinous.  I don’t know if they were just really wasted or if the sound engineer was taking a disco nap, but either way, their show was a total letdown.

Neko Case: I wanted to like her, but she played just before modest mouse.  Erik literally laid down and slept through the performance.  Slow and boring.

The venue didn’t have VIP bathrooms or a VIP…

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