The San Diego Winery Train (aka Booze Cruise)

My man and I went on the Winery Train Tour here in San Diego last week.  We were with a group of 8 couples (6 of the 8 are doctors) from North Dakota.

First of all, who knew people from North Dakota were so much fun?

**Side note: North Dakota is nothing like the movie Fargo which was actually shot in Milwaukee.

We took the coaster down the San Diego coast and drank on the train.  We stopped, we got off, we visited wineries, and we drank.  We got back on the train, and guess what?!  We drank.  The tour was awesome all around.

I HAD to take this tour now that I am a consultant/brand ambassador for a company called San Diego Beer and Wine Tours.  This tour was part of my training so I can tell people firsthand about the tours.  Life is hard when you have to drink all day for work.

The crew from North Dakota and our tour guide, Darren, made the Winery Train Tour even more fun.  Shout out to Kim, Shirla, Bob, Jeff and let’s be honest I was drinking the whole time so forgive me for forgetting your names (I’ll just call you the other awesome doctor couple who told me the real hangover remedy that I wrote down somewhere).  Hayley and Joe, I think?  You are all awesome!

Kim is a lil wild like my alter ego Penanay so we were like two peas in a pod. Her hubby Jeff brews his own beer and makes his own wine.  Maybe we’ll start the first North Dakota Winery Tour…

Kim reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.

-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

So true…and behaving is just so boring.  Who made up the rules on how to behave anyway?  Emily Post?  BORING!

I have to give Jeff props here because when we were at Carruth Cellars in Solana Beach (which is AWESOME by the way), alt-J  started playing.  I think Mitchell chose the music for the day and every song was killer.  It sounded like my spotify playlists.  When alt-J  came on, Jeff dropped some knowledge on us and told us what alt-J  means.  Not to be a jerk, but I never would have guessed that a doctor from North Dakota would school a couple of music loving SoCal kids on the meaning of alt-J .  

Anyone else know what it means?

Jeff explained it perfectly but it’s easier to copy and paste from wikipedia:

alt-J (∆)’s name takes a little explaining. Pronounced “alt-J”, the delta sign is created when you hold down the alt key on your computer keyboard and punch ‘J’ on a Mac computer. The symbol has a deeper meaning for the band, as guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes, “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change,” and the band’s relatively new name came at a turning point in their lives. 

You’re welcome.  

(Begin shameless plug:)

Oh and you know you want to have fun times in San Diego on a winery or beer tour so call your girl, Penny (or Penaynay depending on how much I’ve been drinking) and we will make that happen!

(End shameless plug.)

**Please excuse any grammatical errors.  I hate editing and don’t really care. 🙂