Day 1 Life Is Beautiful Festival

See about Mama’s Wild Time at Day 1 of Life Is Beautiful

Waves and Ruins

Here we are in Las Vegas for the Life Is Beautiful Festival.  We are huge music fans and when we are not traveling internationally, we follow our favorite bands around the United States.

The festival features Music, Food, Art, & Learning

Read more about Life Is Beautiful.

Originally Erik bought the tickets over the summer to see Beck (someone I’ve wanted to see since I was in elementary school).  So far we are both impressed.  We’ve been to tons of festivals and this is by far the best one (and day 2 hasn’t even started yet).

There is plenty of real estate for the thousands of festival goers.  The set up and security are doing an excellent job.

You never know what awesome street performers you may see.  **It’s always good to tip when you stop to watch a street performer.  This is how they make a living, folks.


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