Um, here’s the thing, I still want to HAVE A LIFE! Fun Fun Fun


So here’s the thing, (I’m talking to you, NaNoWriMo) I have a life.  Shocking, I know.  Often times I don’t, but right now, I gots shit to do.  All this weekend I will be listening to bands, comedians and watching pro skaters in Austin, TX at Fun Fun Fun fest.

As much as I would like to hole up Saturday and do nothing but write, that ain’t gonna happen.  Yes, I like lots of alone time and have some hermit tendencies, but sitting inside all day to write on a Saturday and then making a donation seems ridiculous.  Maybe you should donate money to me for participating.

I’m just saying.  While you are writing, I will be having fun.  Hey, if Maya Angelou wrote at breakfast and any spare moment she had, I can too.  Plus, if I don’t go out and experience life, what the hell am I gonna write about?


Someone slightly over NaNoWriMo and your emails.

P.S.  I’ve already written 5, 684 words.  Only like a billion more to go!


Please see the e-mail they sent this week:


Dear Novelist, Warrior, Wizard—and Finisher,

Thank you for creating me! I love my main character’s conflict. I’m a little scared of my antagonist’s menacing behavior, but, hey, that’s what antagonists do. And my setting—I can’t get enough details. More please!

But I’m worried because I keep hearing tales about writers withering from NaNo’s infamous Week Two doldrums. I’m sorry, every novel has abandonment issues, and I want our story to keep going. Please don’t leave me when we’re just getting started.

If you need to catch up—or if you want to get ahead—let’s dive into the day-long NaNoWriMo 2013 Writing Marathon and Donation Day this Saturday, November 9. It’s time to shake your fist at writer’s block and yell, “I’m writing a novel this month, and I will not be stopped.”

Write Until You Drop—and Win Donation Day Prizes

Then more blah blah blah that I cut out about donating money.