Ode to Venice Beach

Early morning walk through the Venice, CA canals


I moved back to Venice Beach this week after spending most of the last 9 years in San Diego.  I made a few other pit stops including New York, Brentwood, Texas, Chicago, and Portland.

Venice has changed a lot. It’s not quite as hood but still has enough culture and weirdness to be interesting. Apparently the Whole Foods is the place to be.

Night 1 in Venice, I had a sunset picnic dinner on the beach with my sis and a friend.

Sunset Picnic Venice


Whole Foods Sunset Picnic


Day 2 in Venice, I hung out with an old high school friend on a boat (technically in Marina Del Rey).

On a Boat!



I have to say, I’m rekindling my love affair with Venice and L.A. in general.

Bring it on LA!