If You Build It…

One of my favorite movies of all time is Field of Dreams.  One of my ex boyfriends (who had never seen the movie) was surprised that I like a “baseball movie.”  A baseball movie?!  WHAT?

Field of Dreams isn’t a baseball movie.  Sure there is baseball in it, but it’s about believing in yourself and following that seemingly crazy voice in your head (or was it coming from the corn) even when everyone around you thinks you’re insane in the membrane.

It’s also the movie that made me want to get a VW bus and drive cross country while listening to the Allman brothers.

In this clip (spoiler alert, this is the end so if you’ve never seen the movie, do yourself a favor and watch it NOW!) the ginger is his turd brother in law trying to get him to sell out and give up on his dream.  James Earl Jones (who is in a tie for Morgan Freeman with the best voice in the history of time) is a writer who Costner met along this journey of following the signs (anyone else getting “The Alchemist” Vibes).



To be fair, it’s kind of a baseball movie.  I remember my cousin Josh telling me that my uncle would cry every time he watched that movie as he was a huge baseball fan and got a lil verklempt when Shoeless Joe Jackson rambled on about the smell of the grass, etc. At the time I thought that was weird.  I watched the movie again this summer and with a newfound passion and balls to the wall commitment to do what I love no matter what, I cried like a baby at the end.  Oh man, don’t tell anyone.

I was also thinking about one of my other favorite lines repeated throughout the movie:

Is this heaven?

No, it’s Iowa.

The dead baseball players are as Kevin Costner’s character so eloquently put it, “Guests among my corn.”  So naturally reminds me of all of the wonderful people that are now guests among the corn.  The first that comes to mind is my favorite person in the history of the universe, Skipper. In case you don’t know who Skipper is, this should catch you up: https://mamasbeendrinkin.com/a-tribute-to-my-main-homie/

Also, my sweet Aunt Grace.  She was probably the kindest person I’ve ever known.  

And most recently added to guests among the corn is a buddy/family friend, Benjamin Curtis.  A lot of people knew Benjamin through his music (UFOFU, Trippin Daisy, When Babies Eat Pennies, Secret Machines, School of Seven Bells), but I got to see many sides to Benjamin.  I met him when I was still in junior high.  He dated my sister for years when they were teenagers and then again as adults.  I lived with them for a summer in New York.  We would stay up late and drink wine and watch Dr. Steve Brule clips.  He’s the kind of guy who had a great sense of humor but would call you out on your bullshit.  I think about my sister and his family and know how it feels having someone that close to you die.  Another reminder that life is short.

You know the biggest thing I’ve finally really gotten?  That you have to tell everyone (including that critical voice in your head) to shut the eff up.  I’ve known for years not to take the advice of others.  A buddy once told me, “Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone’s got one at they all stink.”

Take that for what you will.  Of course there are champions that think anything I do is awesome even when it’s not (thanks, Ma), but the point is there are a lot of dream crushers in the world.  Don’t let those hosers project their BS on you and tell you what’s possible.

I’ve been working on a writing project as of late that I’ve wanted to do but put off for at least 5 years.  I wrote the whole thing in 20 days and am currently on my 5th rewrite.  And you know what the best part of it is, I did it because I am passionate about writing and don’t give a crap whether or not anyone else likes it.  Sure, I hope it entertains and inspired and all that, but it’s really freeing to just write from the heart and love what you’re doing without the restriction of hoping someone else will like it.

Just remember…if you build it, they will come.