RIP Howdy’s Taqueria Malibu. RIP

Today I was editing old footage of the Randumb Show from college to cut them into short clips more appropriate for YouTube (vs the full 30 minute episodes).

I was just about to upload the Speedo Man bit (where Howdy’s is featured) when I got the breaking news that the OG Howdy’s taqueria in Malibu is closing!!! NNOOOOOOO!!!!  Supposedly, they are opening up in a new location where Granita used to be at some point (I think), but the OG Howdy’s will always have a special place in my heart.

As fate would have it, I’ll be in Malibu tomorrow visiting my favorite professor and mentor.  Naturally, I am going to Howdy’s for a tasty two for one burrito since it’s closing in a few days.

Also enjoy this interview with Howdy.  He’s hilarious.  I feel like we could turn this into a drinking game.  Every time Howdy says Malibu, you have to drink.