A Message to All of the Dream Crushers


You May Say I'm a dreamer John Lennon

If I learned one thing in college from Don Ohhmeyer, the former president of NBC west who taught a couple of classes at Pepperdine because he wanted to “give back,’ it was

“Don’t ever let anyone crush your dreams!”


Donny O was great.  His class was a mentorship where I got to meet with and be mentored by James Widdoes who was directing 8 Simple Rules at the time.  You may remember him as Otter in Animal House.  We mostly watched movies and he told us hilarious stories.

We both have smart mouths so of course he is one of my favorite people.  He came from nothing and made it and did what he wanted and I respect the hell outta that.

Sometimes we are our own biggest dream crushers.  When you tell yourself you’re not good enough or can’t do something, or that it’s hard, you’re right.

I spend the last few years believing I wasn’t good enough to be a comedy writer.  Finally I reached a point where I realized I wouldn’t be creatively fulfilled otherwise, so I made the decision to GO FOR BROKE as my college professor Susan Salas used to always say.

Even if I never make a dime, I’m gonna write comedy.  I buckled down and wrote a screenplay in 20 days back in September of this year and have done about 11 rewrites since.  Now I feel really good about it.

What feels even better is that I don’t give a sh*t what other people think about me or my writing or being an uber driver while pursuing my dream.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope someone with the power and funds to make my movie likes it, but other than that I write because I love it.  It’s so freeing not to censor myself based on how others may take it.  I can’t be responsible for how other people feel.  Everyone has a different view based on who they are and what color lenses they are wearing anyhoo.

The crazy thing about dream crushers is that they are often in the form of people who love and think they are supporting you.  They unknowingly try to crush your dreams thinking they are protecting you from the big bad world by giving you a dose of reality, talking about how hard things are or how the odds are stacked against you.  Thanks for your Debbie Downer opinion, but I think I’ll stick to my positive expectation of my dream becoming a reality.

It’s actually been proven that positivity can cause success vs the other way around.  I love the book the Happiness Advantage that talks about it.


 We are all gonna die at some point, so you may as well do what you love, right?  

So my message to all of the dream crushers is: SHUT YO MOUTH!  And if you just can’t help yourself, then say something like, “Good for you!  I’m rooting for ya!”