My ADD and My New Side Project

It’s been a little over two years since I started this blog.  I took a break from Nov 2013 until August 2014 and I missed writing,  especially blogging.  There is something about blogging that gives me some sort of immediate gratification.  Even if I just post a picture with a few sentences, at least it is something.

Time Capsule


After taking almost a year long break from this blog and looking back, it’s like a funny time capsule of a year of my life, a breakup, a whirlwind romance.  I had a blast and learned a lot.  Originally, I named the blog “Talk About My Walkabout” as I was going through a personal journey of writing and getting away from it all.  A couple of months later  I changed it to “Mama’s Been Drinkin” after my sister was drunk one day and forgot to feed her dog. Somehow after I changed the name of my blog I seemed to live up to the name (minus the “mama” part) with several drunken shenanigans (just ask my ex boyfriend).

I am proud to announce I have a new side project I am working on that has nothing to do with writing in the traditional sense.  I love writing but also found another creative outlet that allows me to be with people and not sit on my ass all day.

To my fellow writers out there:  Do you have any side projects that keep you sane/you do just for the love of it?

I will be unveiling my new website in the next couple of weeks…thank you so much for reading and stay tuned.


Penny Lane