WHHAAAATT? I Missed His Birthday?!

Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite writers, Kurt Vonnegut (November 11, 1922 –April 11, 2007)!!!

If you haven’t read Slaughter House Five or Breakfast of Champions: (A) You’re UnAmerican. (B) You need to do so immediately. (C) You may be illiterate in which case I feel bad for you and will teach you how to read or forward you clips of Reading Rainbow.

As if he isn’t already one of my favorite people of all time, his drawings are the effing best:

Also, Harrison Bergeron is a phenomenal short story that blew my mind when I read it in high school.  I feel like Kurt and I would have bonded over drinks in some dive bar.

 With all of the excitement yesterday I totally forgot since it was Veteran’s Day (Vonnegut was also a vet)  and Leonardo Dicaprio’s 40th. Not many things make me giggle as much as this pic of Water Gun Leo:

Water Gun Leo

I mean, look at the pure joy on his face.  And here are more from the series:


Also, I ended up stumbling into Hinano Cafe at 8am for a delicious breakfast sandwich and some rando guy was sitting there chatting with my favorite bartender Mary Alice.  Turns out his name is Chunky B and he’s pretty effing hilarious.  One thing led to another, and I gave him half of my breakfast sandwich.  We bonded over our love of meat, bacon in particular.

Twelve hours later I found myself in the garage of love with 3 dudes (WINNING)!  I sat in on the One Degree of Chunky B Podcast with Gary Adler featuring Marty Laquidara a hilarious comic out of Boston (why are Boston accents so dirty hot).  These three were cracking me up.  I was trying really hard not to laugh too loud so I wouldn’t mess up the audio mix.  I’ll post the podcast as soon as it’s up. 

Also check out Chunky B’s last show with Marky Lennon of the band Venice.

Marky Lennon also toured with Roger Waters so I guess technically I’ve seen him live in LA on the Wall tour.  Not bad. And he has a seahorse on his website.

“What is this the seahorse captain?  What is this a seahorse seashell party? Who didn’t invite me? Why didn’t I get invited? Seahorse sea hell.”

This video gets me EVERY FREAKIN TIME!!