A-Team, NO TEAM!!!

HEYO!  Have I ever told you about A-team?

A-Team Confusion

Lemme tell you a lil story about A-team.  Twas August 2008.  I found myself living in my ma’s apt (in a real bed because I had my own room at this point) and I needed to get a job (EW)!

Jobs are the worst, but money is great so I applied for a job at the Art Institute of Dallas for 2 reasons: (1) It was close to my ma’s place and next to her work.  At the time I didn’t have a car because I sold my last one in San Diego before going on a 2 month trek through Bali with my boyfriend.  We broke up immediately after that trip.  Travel is the best way to see if you really like someone. 🙂

(2) It seemed like it wouldn’t be the worst job in the world.  I like to think of jobs as social experiments, but more on that later.

I applied for a job and a week later I was hired along with 3 other people.  Two of those people, Smartin and the Godfather, happen to be my new BFFs.  We became fast friends, hung out all day everyday, got called into the office for sexual harassment, and were given multiple lectures about how this is a job and “these people are not your friends.”  BAHAHAHA.  Six years later, the job is long gone and the 3 of us are still together.

I started calling us A-team and it quickly caught on.  The 38 other people in our cubicle land started getting jealous of our exclusivity and general awesomeness.  When people get upset over stupid sh*t, I feel the need to play it up even more.  I made t-shirts that said “A-team” that we would wear on casual Fridays and parade around like we owned the joint.

We had a stage 5 clinger trying to get in the group who was in love with Smartin.  He asked how he could get into A-team.  We let him know that you don’t get into A-team.  There is no application process.  You can’t penetrate our inner triangle.

I made a shirt for Ajay’s cousin that said “B-Team” and stapled it to his cube.  He got so pissed which made the $15 and time I spent on the shirt totally worth it!!!

Sarah Martin, aka Smartin, turned me on to Brazilian Bikini waxes in 2008.  I was such a tomboy I didn’t know that Brazilian’s were the thing.  I thought they were for porn stars.  She’s my go-to girl that teaches me the ways of being a lady-ish.  Like last night I forgot to brush my hair so she told me I had to brush it.  That’s a real friend.

Other high points about Smartin:  She is a sorority girl from IOWA.  Normally sorority girls don’t impress me much, but Smartin is an exception.  I don’t know if it’s the water in IOWA or just her general awesomeness, but she will do a KEG STAND IN A DRESS AND BEAT EVERYONE!!  I wish I was cool enough to do keg stands, but no such luck.  The next best thing to doing them?  Having an awesome girlfriend who can.

The Godfather (aka Ajay) is your new favorite person/Indian.  He takes care of everybody.  He’s a big papa bear who doesn’t hesitate to pull out a thick Indian accent when ordering at the drive thru (he was raised in a small town in Texas so his accent is a lil different).  He is married to an amazing woman and they have 2 beautiful daughters.  

He’s always there to call us out and keep us in line.  My favorite phrase when Smartin and I do something stupid is, “YOU DUMBF*CKS!!!”  Sometimes it just needs to be said.  He’s in the car business and always given me good advice on cars, other big purchases and other fatherly advice.

Every year, Ajay throws an awesome Christmas/birthday party and I’ve only made it to 2 of the last 6 years due to distance, BS obligations, an ice storm, being a hobo, etc.

This year…I AM SO THERE!  Seeing as my friends are awesome and Spirit airlines is so cheap I’ll be returning in December for the Godfather’s 11th annual Christmas/Birthday Party!!!! I’m already calling it the dance party of the century.

Friends are the best!!! I LOVE YOU, A-team!!!