Penaynay’s Party Wagon!

Heyo!  It’s official.  All of my paperwork went through and I am now the world’s best uber driver.

Welcome to Uber

I am calling my uber experience Penaynay’s party wagon.  I want people to feel like their ride was the greatest ride of all time (HEYO!!!).

So, if you are in LA or have friends in LA I may just give you the best ride of your life.  In my old Hollywood PA days, my job mostly consisted of driving around LA so I know that place like the back of my hand.

Also, my parents have been taking me driving since I was 9 and had to sit on phone books to see over the steering wheel.  When it comes to driving, I have to say I’ve got skillz.

Side note:  When I was a post production assistant in NY on Brokeback Mountain, Harold Ramis was working on editing his film in the same post house so we often had lunch together in the break room.  He was so sweet and entertaining and told me about how before he made it as a writer and actor, he was a taxi driver.  I feel like I’m in good company doing uber while pursuing my passion of being a screenwriter.

Some people are worried about rapers with the Uber experience.  I have to say between growing up with the boys, taking karate for 2 months, and dating a guy in the army, I learned a thing or two about self defense/f*cking b*tches up.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t Mess with Texas Women?” Texas meets CA surf rat may be the best or worst combination of all time.

Like my photographer buddy said: SHOTGUNS AND SURFBOARDS!!!  Sounds good to me.