Nothing Left For Me To Do But DANCE!

Napoleon Dynamite Dance


I remember seeing Napoleon Dynamite at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in New York in the summer of 2004 on opening day of the limited release.  I read about it in one of the trademags and somehow knew that it was gonna be hilarious and a cult classic.

I was a post production assistant on Brokeback Mountain at the time.  I was  living in soho in a loft on an airbed that had a slow leak so I would wake up on the hard ground at 2:00am and had to pump it up.

I was paying $500 a month to live on a ghetto airbed and one would think that my sister would have been nice enough to let me live there for free that summer since I was technically an intern and had no money, but hey not everyone is as kind and generous as my Aunt Betty, my ma, and most of my friends.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite, you’re unAmerican.  One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is a good dance party (thus why I started my DJ side project).

Dancing is good for the soul.  “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai has such a good beat, but the lyrics are pretty phenomenal.  A few of my favorite lines:

Dance, nothing left for me to do but dance
Off these bad times I’m going through just dance

Off the nasty things that people say
Dance yeah, but I’m gonna make it anyway
Dance yeah, got canned heat up my heels tonight baby

Sometimes there’s no way I lose, I was born to run and built to last
You’ve never seen my feet ’cause they move so fast

So get off your booty and DANCE!

 If you haven’t seen one of the greatest comedy moments in cinematic history, please watch this immediately: