2015 Goals: I Propose a Super State

Dear Friends,

  As you may already know, I am on the Quest for Bacon.  Not just any bacon, THE KEVIN BACON.  On chunkyb.tv we have a huge goal for 2015.  Chunk wants Kevin Bacon in the Garage of Love.

We are gonna make this happen.   Come hell or high water I won’t sleep until we have K Bake in the Garage of Love.  Okay, that was a gross exaggeration.  I will sleep occasionally and I will probably take breaks to surf, but other than that I will be in full stalker mode.

Don’t worry Kev, we’re gonna find you and you’re gonna like it.  

Anyhoo, I hit the road last week on the Quest for Bacon and headed to Texas.  

Here’s the thing, Texas is FUCKING AWESOME!!!  The only problem is, there is no ocean.

Texas high points:

  1. GUNS
  2. Beautiful land (especially hill country)
  3. Beer Barns (if you don’t know what a beer barn is, it’s a drive through beer store)
  4. Cheap land 
  5. No state income tax
  6. Laid back country folk
  7. Sweet Tea
  8. The home of Dr. Pepper

The list goes on and on, but I LOVE CA for a several reasons too:

  2. It’s fucking beautiful… Big Sur, mountains, farms, etc
  3. Did I mention the Pacific Ocean?


So I propose a super state called Texafornia or maybe Califexas.  Move Texas west to CA or maybe we can dump Arizona and New Mexico somewhere.  Either way CA + TX = AWESOMENESS.

Think it may be time to become a Texan again and just come back out west for waves. 🙂