BUY ME TOYS!!!! (What the holidays are really about.)

The other day I saw a post on Facebook from a family who lost their son this summer because some drunk driving a-hole mowed him down early in the morning while he was innocently waiting for the school bus.

The holidays are interesting.  Some people love them (I am one of those people, but I love most days), some people hate them because they are depressed or don’t get along with the family, etc.

Then of course I was thinking of my bestie, Skipper, who always loved Christmas.  He didn’t love it because of the presents (that was why I loved Christmas as a kid), he loved it because he got to spend quality time with his family.  He was never like most people.  He appreciated gifts but never cared about material bullshit.  He was more concerned with having fun and enjoying his friends and family.

Skipper Christmas

The other day I went to Toys R Us with my current boy toy to shop for his nieces and nephews.  It made we never want to have kids.  They were out of the main toy we needed and had a crappy selection anyway so when we were waiting in the heinously long line to check out, I found everything we needed for less money on Amazon with free 2 day shipping since I’m an Amazon Prime member.  Winning!

Dear Everyone,

Shop online!  You save time, money, and don’t lose your faith in humanity.

Here’s the other thing, I also prefer no reason presents any time of year.  I’d rather travel and chill for the holidays.  When did it become about getting toys.  My poor ma used to wait in line for hours to get us latest Cabbage Patch doll.  There is no way in hell I would do that.  I’d tell my kids not to be selfish jerks and take them to an orphanage or something.  Don’t get my wrong, I love toys as much as the next guy, but this crap is getting outta hand.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 7.49.32 AM

Anyhoo, I like the Joy to the World and Peace on Earth and all of that, but can’t it be a year round thing?  Can we be nice and loving and shit all year?  Just a thought. (End of Rant)

My request is to spread the love.  Not just now but always…All You Need Is Love, right? 🙂

Side note:  I saw these baby checkered Vans at the Vans store and decided I must have surf rats who wear vans…one day.

Checkered Baby Vans