It’s All About that Judgment

One of the things I’ve noticed most of my life (especially being a tomboy) or how catty women can be towards each other over really lame stuff like how they look (usually when a girl is pretty).  What is that about?  Never mind what kind of person she may be.  If she is somewhat pretty or especially prettier than you, you should probably hate her and be a horrible bitch to her.  You should especially talk about what a ho she is behind her back to everyone.

When did this whole thing start?  Guys don’t do that.  You don’t see guys hating each other for being good looking.

Victoria's Secret Swimsuit

What brought on this rant?  A couple of things, but most recently this Scary Mommy article about Victoria’s Secret swimsuits.  I get that she is trying to be funny, but isn’t there a way to be funny without attacking women about their bodies?

I prefer clever humor that doesn’t put down women for being skinny or fit or overweight for that matter.

Why does is have to be us vs them? Can’t we all look for the good in each other?  It’s a lot more empowering.

Here was my reply:

Well…I am in my 30s, and athletic/slender, have a big booty, and wear tiny bikini bottoms. Feels like this whole article is super judgmental.  Shouldn’t we promote women loving their bodies no matter what size (big or small)? I have a sense of humor about it all, but the last thing I would want to promote is being nasty toward other women, especially based on how they look. 🙂