You’ve Got This!

I’ve neglected Mama’s Been Drinkin’ for way too long now.  Life took a little detour and there’s a lot to catch you up on in the last year and a half.

I’ll give you the latest.  I sold my soul corporate America for a year for some money. Afree my uber plans turned out to be a complete shit show, I decided getting a “real job” was a good plan.

I met a lot of fun people and counted down the days until I could quit and focus on writing full time and give myself 6 months to a year to make shit happen.  Well that time is now!

Current projects:

  1.  Stumbling though building my own business (you know the kind that actually pays you so you can support yourself and eat something other than Top Ramen) and documenting the journey on The World’s Best Boss.
  2. Releasing a new edition of the Mama’s Been Drinkin book on Amazon with a little better editing and some added shenanigans.
  3. Writing my second book that picks up pretty much where Mama’s Been Drinkin left off.

Have you ever read any of Jenny Lawson’s books?  I just finished her first book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and started her second Furiously Happy.  I was laughing so loud while reading that I kept waking up the dog.

Click on the icons below to check them out on Amazon:

She created the Bloggess and she’s been my inspiration lately.  I love her writing style and her honesty.

So Mama’s Been Drinkin’ is gonna get a little more love.  There won’t be daily posts as I want to focus on my book and other writing projects and become a paid writer and all of that, but weekly posts are the goal.

So how’s everything in internets land?  I’ve missed you.  Catch me up on your life in the last year in 3 bullet points or less.




My dog, Kopi, sleeping after tearing up the house