What Would Mr. Rogers Do?

This tumultuous week has inspired a new life motto:

What would Mr. Rogers Do?

Some people would say Jesus or Buddha or some other religious leaders, but religion seems divisive sometimes.  I don’t know anyone who hates Mr. Rogers.

This week has been so interesting.  I’ve observed articles on Facebook from several perspectives (I have plenty of friends who voted for Hillary, ones who voted for Trump, and those that wrote in or would not vote for either candidate).

I was surprised at some of my friends who voted for Trump who I was sure supported Hillary.  The biggest shocker to me was when I found out a friend of a friend who happens to be gay and an immigrant voted for Trump.  Wait, WHAT?

Just when I thought I was pretty opened minded that people are unique and it’s none of my business who they choose to vote for, even that one shocked me.

While talking to my very close friend, who happens to be a gay male, the day after the election I was trying to offer any words of wisdom I could for the upset he felt.

I love my friends no matter who they voted for.  How people treat me and how they treat others is what matters to me.  It doesn’t matter who the president is, I am going to have an awesome life anyway.  Also, choosing to hate people based on who they voted for is not who I want to be.  I want to love everyone (even those that seem a lot harder to love).

At the end of the conversation, my friend, still heated from all of the upset said, “Well, you’re a much better person than I am.”

I laughed out loud at that one and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I still want to light a flaming bag of dog shit on my neighbor’s doorstep, because she’s a mean old witch. But I don’t want to hate people I love over an election.”

I feel like Mr. Rogers wouldn’t be into the flaming bag of dog poo thing, but the idea of it makes me feel a lot better for how rude my nutjob neighbor is.

In the future, this election will be old news.  Are we going to let it ruin us?  Why don’t we just light some flaming bags of poop on someone’s doorstep and I think we will all feel better?

*Side note: Please don’t really light a bag of dog poop on fire on your neighbor’s doorstep.  This is a fire hazard, especially in Southern California.