Alley Treasures and Other Simple Pleasures

Yesterday, a friend posted a picture of his girlfriend holding a giant spark plug sculpture on facebook.  They both ride Harley’s so I just assumed it was some sort of biker thing (maybe a trophy).

Apparently they hit up the flea market over the weekend.  When I asked her about it, she said, “Man style alley treasures.”  

OMG.  That’s the greatest thing I’ve heard all year.  

Growing up in Texas, we had alleys and I loved a good alley treasure hunt.  I would bring home all kinds of gems I found in the alley including a vacuum cleaner, a typewriter, and other random stuff.

My dad didn’t appreciate my alley treasures, and after he laughed about what I dragged home he would sneak it into the trash after I went to bed.

My dad used to laugh, but good ol Ira wouldn’t have been laughing if I had found some gold doubloons or something of value.

Side note: Although I hate shopping and garage sales, I can totally see why people become pickers.  Suddenly I feel like going dumpster diving. Not really- mostly because I hate the smell of trash, but I have a friend that can’t drive by a piece of furniture left on the side of the road without stopping to pick it up to repurpose it.

It’s the simple things I love about my childhood.  Just digging through other people’s trash or trying to catch lizards in the creek.  You know, the usual.

Did anyone else ever find alley treasures?  What was your greatest find?

Man style alley treasures: