My Life As A Pie Chart

My best friend from college posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday, and I never knew a pie chart could so perfectly explain my life:


Yes, uh huh, yes, duh, yeah, and hell yeah!

NO PANTS is the only way to live.

Since the invention of mix tapes, I have been creating epic playlists.  Since my dad is a music connoisseur, he always has a prolific record/CD collection as well as superior stereo equipment.  Anyone remember the reel-to-reel?  My playlists are the best (in my humble, objective opinion).

If you know me at all, you know how I feel about “realists” – they are Debbie Downers who call themselves “realists” because it sounds better.

It took me a while to stop caring about what others expect of me.  I had to weed out friends and family whose favorite hobby is judging people.  I know we all do it to some extent, but some people are just way better at judging others all day everyday.

I’ve never really identified as an introvert since I was raised by a southern mother who is a social butterfly.  I always had friends, but didn’t like being part of the herd.  My adolescent brain decided that needing to be a part of the crowd was a weakness and possible fatal character flaw.

Maybe I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies.  Maybe it’s situational.  Maybe there is a spectrum.  Maybe it doesn’t matter what the label is.  My inner rebellious teen is screaming, “Don’t label me, man!”

Either way, I love and appreciate the wonderful people in my life, and I LOVE my alone time.  News flash: it is possible to be an introvert without being a creepy dungeon troll.

Okay, I’m off to live the good life (sitting around the house listening to my epic playlists sans pantalones).