It’s Here! Get It While It’s HOT!


The ebook is available now! WOOHOO! Stop, drop, and roll!  Or drop everything and read, or whatever they are saying to encourage reading in school these days.

The paperback will be ready as soon as CreateSpace gets their shit together! Apparently, they don’t like my cover format so stay tuned for the paperback tonight.


Remember to enter the contest to possibly win: 

9 sweet random prizes

First Prize: I will come visit you and buy you a beer sometime in 2017. (Depending on how much you like beer or wanna hang out, this could be considered an awesome Prize, or a “No thanks, I’m good” Prize.

Super Awesome Grand Prize: (Drum roll please…..) an iPhone 6 Plus!!!

How to enter the contest:

  1. Enter your email to follow the Mama’s Been Drinkin’ blog.  You’ll get updates and random fun emails. I hate spam, both the food (if you can call it that) and junk email so I solemnly swear not to spam you.
  2. Today or tomorrow (December 22nd or 23rd) take a selfie of you drinking/toasting and post it to facebook, Instagram, or twitter using the hashtag #mamasbeendrinkin (remember I was born in Texas so there is no “g” in “drinkin”).
  3. Order the book over the next 7 days and comment on this blog post with a screenshot of your book order.  You can order it in any format.  The ebook is available now.  The paperback will be available tonight or tomorrow (see video ;)).

If you complete the 3 steps above, you’ll be put into a hat and I will randomly select 11 winners to get some cool free stuff!

Ways to earn extra entries:

  1. Buy extra copies as gifts. (1 entry per copy)
  2. Read it, like it, write a 5-star review on Amazon.  (If you don’t like it, write your opinion on a piece of paper and then throw it in the fireplace, or shove it…nevermind).
  3. Nicely submit an unintentional typo or formatting issue via message to me.  Let’s get real, I edited and re-edited this book so much I can’t even see straight. I’m sure I probably still have a few errors (not including slang I intentionally use).  Also with technology, this will help me fix any weird formatting issues with the ebook.

You can enter to win starting TODAY through Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winners will be randomly drawn live via video on Friday, December 30, 2016.

It’s currently available as an ebook. This weekend the paperback will be available to order on Amazon.  

I didn’t get the audiobook done yet.  I know you’re dying for it ;0.  With my apartment being flooded and my crazy travel schedule, it’s not quite done yet.  But I will add extra stories and commentary for it.

My mom already entered, so jump on the bandwagon, y’all!