My Gift to You

It’s the day before Christmas Eve so I wanted to give y’all a gift for the holidays.

This is a video of me visiting my younger cousin in Pennsylvania when I was 5.  I was a bossy strong-willed child with a painfully thick southern accent.  I kept yelling at my sister while we were attempting to play basketball.

For some reason, I’ve always felt the need to fight for the underdog. Who doesn’t love a good underdog story?

You can tell I liked football more than basketball since I kept shoving my older sister. and blocking for my little cousin.  

This is painful for me to watch due my mom’s sweet basketball moves while wearing mom jeans.  Also, my accent is like nails on a chalkboard.  What can ya do?

The drama really starts around 2:15.

Thanks to my cousin Adam for finding and uploading this footage!