Is Anybody Out There?

Most days I forget that this blog still exists, until I randomly get a notification telling me that “your stats are booming.” Today was one of those days. And by “stats are booming” it means two people visited the blog versus the zero people who visit most other days.

The plan is bring the blog back like Timberlake brought sexy back. Thinking of taking baby steps like Bill Murray in “What About Bob?” (My life feels like a random combination of music and movie references, and I’m okay with that.)

What did you miss in 2018?

After thinking he was the worst for years, I got addicted to listening to the Howard Stern show on the Sirius XM app. He keeps me entertained all day, and I often find myself laughing so hard I cry.

Other than that, I don’t remember much of 2018. I guess it was a pretty forgettable year and seemed to fly by pretty fast.

So after a hiatus of I don’t even know how long, my intention is to post at least twice a week on the blog. One thing that stuck with me from an interview with Jonah Hill on Howard Stern is something to the effect of, “the process is the reward.” I know it’s kind of another way of saying enjoy the journey and blah blah blah, but this one stuck with me. Especially when attempting to create something, I find myself trying to rush through the process to get to the end. Usually, the end is kind of a let down.

I tend to laugh at all of the “new year, new you” resolutions people make (maybe because I usually fail to keep mine), but I guess my resolution this year is to have more fun and enjoy my life more.

I just wasted the last hour looking for a photo for this post.  I found nothing relevant and realized I didn’t take many photos this year.

So what did I miss in 2018 in your life? Hello? Is anybody out there?