Current Obsession: Bob


This site is mostly random comedy babble, but I’m digressing for this post because I can’t stop watching “Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese” on Netflix.

I’ve always respected Dylan and what he has done for music, but I was only really familiar with a few hits and stories. So begins the Dylan phase/obsession.

Several parts of the documentary are a carefully crafted narrative, but what I find most compelling are the live performances and conversations during that tour…especially with the bit about the Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll.


There is a bit in between the footage of him performing the song where he and Joan Baez are talking about their past relationships.  He says, “It really displeases me that you went off and got married…” She interrupted telling him that he did it first and he should have told her.

Dylan: Yeah, but uh….But I married the woman I loved.

Baez: And I married the man I thought I loved.

Dylan: See that’s what thought has to do with it.  Thought will fuck you up. See, it’s heart.  It’s not head.


Thanks for the inspiration, even if some of the doc is bullshit.  I’ve watched it so many times now I skip over some of the bits to the concert footage, conversations about Jack Kerouac, etc.

Completely enamored with 1974 Bob Dylan…so continues the pattern of falling in love with people who don’t exist. The passion and fire in his eyes is mesmerizing.