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How will I know (if he really loves me)?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve been dating an awesome guy I met on online for several weeks now.  We are basically shack’em up mates (if you don’t know what… Continue reading

You can do side bends or situps…

I was so excited to get my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs last week and I haven’t touched them.  To be honest, I’m a little scared.  I like my big jiggly booty, and so… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I don’t know what represents big to me.  So here are some Vegas pics.  Vegas, baby, Vegas!!! Did I mention that the house where I stayed in Las Vegas was built by the… Continue reading

Since Mama’s Been Drinkin…

Hiya from sin city (or is it rack city).  Since mama’s been drinkin again and can’t seem to think of any awesomeness to babble about, I will leave you with 18:26 of amazingness.… Continue reading

And the Word of the Day is….

  Can you use “Bozone” in a sentence?  

Time to go on a diet, a negativity diet

It’s been written in many different forms by various philosophers and authors throughout history: Our thoughts and the words we speak create our lives. Being a voracious reader, I am currently devouring Conscious Living by… Continue reading

Parking Fairy (Parking Lot Wisdom)

I’ve had excellent “luck” finding a parking spots lately in crowded places like Waimea Bay and Waikiki.  Well, it’s not really luck since a dear friend (who I refer to as Bobo Head)… Continue reading

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