You can do side bends or situps…

I was so excited to get my Brazil Butt Lift DVDs last week and I haven’t touched them.  To be honest, I’m a little scared.  I like my big jiggly booty, and so… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I don’t know what represents big to me.  So here are some Vegas pics.  Vegas, baby, Vegas!!! Did I mention that the house where I stayed in Las Vegas was built by the… Continue reading

Pouring one out for my homie…

Dearest Skipper, aka. Bill, aka Bizzle Box, It’s been exactly 7 years to the day since you left this earth.  Time is an odd thing.  It seems like it’s been forever and like… Continue reading

Since Mama’s Been Drinkin…

Hiya from sin city (or is it rack city).  Since mama’s been drinkin again and can’t seem to think of any awesomeness to babble about, I will leave you with 18:26 of amazingness.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Mine.  This is from the perspective of Bubba, my sister’s puppy.  Since I live with my sister when I’m not traveling, Bubba has been chewing and stealing all kinds of stuff.  His favorite… Continue reading

It’s Concertober!

Heyo, today is a lazy Sunday and I am getting ready to head off to see the Shins so this post is going to be short and mediocre.  (I warned you).  I consider… Continue reading

Where in the world is PL 9.29.12

  Who can guess it?

And the Word of the Day is….

  Can you use “Bozone” in a sentence?  

Where in the World is Penny Lane today?

Who can guess it? The excursion was inspired by: Day 35/365 day challenge

The best gift of all time

Yesterday, I got a package from a college buddy of mine, Peter Celaro.  Pete is great.  We became fast friends freshman year since he is into music and just awesome in general. I… Continue reading

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