Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Thank you for all of you who participated in the caption contest (Randall and Fuz).  Here is the final winner inspired by Randall and finalized by Fuz.  

Dancing His Way Through Life and Living the Dream

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing something that other people say you can’t. It’s a good feeling!” – Damien Johnson This week’s spotlight on unconventional success is Damien Johnson.  I’ve had the… Continue reading

Please Help! Nerd out with me on some books.

Heyo! It’s 100 degrees today in Encinitas which is insane in the membrane so I plan on napping most of the day and watching trashy TV.  I am almost finished reading my current… Continue reading

And if I die before I wake…

First of all, this post is not meant to be morbid.  It’s a reminder that our time here is limited.  This life can be over at any second without warning. Yesterday, I learned… Continue reading

travel + relationship = ?

Hola amigos!  I would love to hear stories of people in happy long term relationships where one or both of the partners travel frequently. Why?  Well, I’ve had boyfriends in the past either… Continue reading

Let’s Get It ON! First Video post

Hello there!  Here is my first attempt at a video post.  No script, just a short video. Mom, no I won’t wear lipstick for the next one. After I made the video I… Continue reading

Bubba Bear: Thug Life

This post is completely random, but I hope you enjoy the videos of my favorite puppy.  Happy Hump Day!         day 18 of 365 day live your dream challenge

Happy Labor Day

Aloha! I am on the 405 south and remembered I have not written a blog post today. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I took an impromptu road trip with one of… Continue reading

It’s time for another edition of:

Hello all! I am in a new city today. See if you can guess it. Clues: I am still in the golden state. Area: 3,789 sq miles (9,813 km²) Founded: 1850 Population: 426,878… Continue reading

Where in the World is…

Did anyone else out there play the computer game, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”  Maybe it was just me.  I admit that I am a total nerd and love games.  Especially… Continue reading

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